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About Bridge Cigar Shop 

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Paul Markette and Chuck Cammarata are two retired police officers that decided they wanted to go into business doing what they always enjoyed - smoking fine cigars!

Paul's grandfather owned the original Bridge Cigar Shop located many years ago in Derby Connecticut. When Paul and Chuck were deciding on a name, it was an easy choice to open under the old cigar shop name. 

Bridge Cigar Shop is located in the Quinn Street neighborhood of Naugatuck and was opened to allow area cigar smokers a fun, clean and comfortable place to purchase and smoke fine cigars.

What Makes Bridge Cigar Shop Stand Out! 

Cigar smokers in the Greater Waterbury area are very lucky as there are some great Cigar Lounges available to them.


We here at Bridge Cigar Shop encourage all area cigar smokers to support these small business as each of our cigar lounges are unique in our own ways.

Here at Bridge Cigar Shop our #1 goal is to always provide our customers with exceptional and personalized customer service, that's a given. 


In addition to great customer service here are some of the things we feel make us stand out best at Bridge Cigar Shop!   

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What makes Bridge Cigar Shop stand out from tobacco smoke shops?

  • Fresh Cigars! We only sell cigars and cigar related accessories

Like other Cigar Lounges in the area Bridge Cigar Shop is NOT a smoke shop, we don't sell numerous varieties of tobacco and tobacco products, we ONLY sell cigars!


Because we only sell cigars and cigar accessories we can remain laser focused on our cigar inventory.


At Bridge Cigar Shop our cigar humidors are our babies and as such they are meticulously maintained to ensure our customers can enjoy a fresh cigar each and every time they make a purchase from our humidors.

What makes the Bridge Cigar Shop Lounge stand Out?

  • Cleanliness and a comfortable smoke controlled environment.   

First and foremost - We are cleanliness freaks at Bridge Cigar Lounge! This will be clearly evident the moment you walk into our retail shop and lounge area.


Our ventilation system is outstanding and is meticulously maintained to ensure that there is never stagnate smoke lingering and that fresh air is always circulating.


Our goal when designing our lounge was to create a smoking environment in which even a non-cigar smoker would feel comfortable to sit and socialize while with other cigar smokers. This is exactly what our ventilation system allows for.

In addition to our tremendous ventilation system our retail shop and lounge area are continuously up kept for cleanliness to ensure there is never stale smoke or ash odors present and to maintain a comfortable and inviting lounge area to enjoy your cigar.  

  • An Elegant and Comfortable Cigar Lounge

Our cigar lounge is made up of all leather chairs and sofas that are arranged in such a way to that allow cigar smokers to either socialize & meet new folks or to sit in comfort in small groups ... or just sit on your own to enjoy your cigar and a drink on your own.

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