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BOX -A32-1875 Romeo Julieta Gordo 6x60

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1875 by Romeo y Julieta Gordo is an all-new addition to the already world-famous Romeo y Julieta lineup of cigars. Not to be confused with the other 1875 cigars such as the Original line and Reserve line, 1875 by Romeo y Julieta is brand new, released in 2014 as a retailer exclusive, and blended from scratch using Dominican filler and binder tobaccos and a gorgeous Indonesian shade wrapper leaf. Like other cigars from the famous Flor de Copan factory, 1875 is always consistent in construction, flavor, and overall enjoyability.

Perhaps made to mimic the classic Romeo y Julieta Cuban cigars, 1875 by Romeo y Julieta starts off with a spicy blast of white pepper, which stays with the smoke throughout the duration of the cigar. Along the way, a bouquet of earth and tobacco flavors coat the palate and are accompanied by hints of cocoa and leather.

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